According to Crisis, 8,096 people slept rough at some point in London during 2015/16, an increase of 7 per cent compared to 2014/15.


We are basing our sales model on The Big Issue, with vendors using their own money to buy their mini books and sell them at their own profit or loss. Your fundraising will enable us to distribute mini books at £1 each, which can be sold for £4 each. Depending on the size of edition we are able to provide and distribute, according to The Big Issue sales, this could produce a weekly profit of £120, with an average of 40 sales each, more at Christmas.


From the sales we make to the homeless, we can reinvest in the project, producing yet another mini book for each one sold, making it a 100% sustainable project. We can do this whilst making a small donation to our partner organisations who provide further important services and support for homeless people. In the unlikely event that for any reason we have to discontinue our distribution of mini books to the homeless, we will instead donate an equal number of copies to homeless charities who have retail outlets; so instead of supporting the homeless directly, we will still be supporting them indirectly.


To donate towards subsidising the printing of our mini books, click here and choose from the dropdown menu.





Photo by Franco Folini, licensed by Creative Commons.