TW is going back to its roots with a new approach

TW started out with the aim to help homeless people make an income through selling books.  We had a rollercoaster of a ride, but it didn't work out as we'd hoped. We did end up planting nearly 200 trees in the process but now we're going back to our homeless initiative.

The main feedback we received from our partnering homeless charity was the value of the opportunity for homeless people to use our writing service themselves, not just to sell other people's works.  We've taken this onboard and will be conducting outreach to homeless charities to direct their service users to where they can earn an income from their own creatvity.  Our guidance to homeless people using Patreon is simple. To make a sign of their Patreon site that people can photograph and visit at their convenience.

Another piece of feedback we received from our partnering homeless charity was the preference for homeless people to save up for specific items. Patreon caters for this, and our aim is to make this as effective as possible.  We will prototype, with the aim of providing, an off grid tiny home, that can be pulled by hand as well as by mobility scooter, bicycle or car.  Existing off grid tiny homes are just emerging, and we aim to provide an affordable option for homeless people. We are accepting designs of viable and simple tiny homes that can be built for under £1,000, maximum width of 0.85cm. To participate, please forward your designs to