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In exactly eighty words

Welcome to the Great Eighty Challenge, enjoy!  To write a piece of flash fiction in no more, no less, but precisely eighty words.

Your submission can be an extract from a longer work; a full story with beginning, middle and end; or it can simply be a scene - the best ones seem to include a resolved problem, however subtle and not necessarily as the main theme of the work. 

You can submit as many pieces as you like per competition.

Here is a jotter for your drafting, but be sure to copy and paste it into the Submission Form before you submit. Be aware that you must leave a space after punctuation and that hyphenated words will be counted as two separate words in the judging process.

Current length:  

Terms and Conditions

(1) All submissions must be the author's own work and not in breach of any existing copyright. (2) All entries must be exactly 80 words. (3) The ethos of The Third Word Press does not allow rants, bullying, swearing or any form of abuse. (4) By submitting an entry, you grant The Third Word Press a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to 100% of the rights that currently exist or that come into existence. (5) There is no payment for general submissions, but authors featured will always be credited and notified, and your participation is greatly appreciated.

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